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Proficiency Skills Development Process

Before taking the Writing Exam, go to and click on "Education Students" for prompts, writing tips, guidelines, and informational video.

If you fail a second time, you must complete the following steps before you can re-take the exam. You will be actively involved in this process for up to 15 full weeks, so START EARLY!

NOTE: The Writing Center opens for Proficiency Skills Development throughout Fall and Spring semesters and during the May-August summer session. The writing exam is offered during the first five weeks of Fall Spring semesters (summer test schedule varies) at the YETC on the first floor of the main Education Building or at your local RCDE campus site.

1. Send $100 to Registrar's Office. Use account MWRI.
2. Write a one-page reflective essay focusing on how the exam experience impacts your future teaching career goals.
3. Entrance Interview. Contact the Director of the Writing Center, Star Coulbrooke, at 435-797-3853 or send her an email at to schedule an appointment.

Interview. At your initial interview, Star will give you a Proficiency Skills Development Tracking Form and assign you a writing tutor. You must bring the following materials to the interview:

a. Receipt from the Registrar's Office
b. Your tests with evaluation rubrics
c. Your reflective essay

You will have a 15-week period to complete the skills development beginning with your entrance interview.

5. Make an appointment with your designated tutor. Your tutor will work with you and Star to create a plan tailored to your Proficiency Skills Development needs.

Your tutor will assign practice prompts and skills development exercises to complete in advance of each appointment. The exercises and number of Writing Center appointments meetings are determined by your tutor based on your progress.

7. Exit Interview. Under the direction of your tutor, make an appointment with the Writing Center director for an exit interview. Bring the tracking form and all documents to the interview. The director must sign your form in order for you to retake the exam.